Book Review: Life Before Us By Roisin Meaney


Three facts about George
His daughter Suzi is the best thing in his life.
He thinks it might finally be time to get over Suzi’s mum.
He’s never tried online dating but there’s a first time for everything.
Three facts about Alice
She’s about to find out that her boyfriend is lying to her.
She never expected to return to her hometown (especially not without a job or a place to live).
Even though her heart has been trampled on, she’s still holding out for love.
One fact about love
It’s out there for George and Alice.
All that needs to happen is for them to meet


I really did enjoy most of this novel. One thing that bugged me was the writing style. At times you can tell there is a conversation going on with the speech marks. Then, randomly at times there are pages without any speech marks whatsoever. That was the main reason this novel lost a star.

This novel had a cute plot however it was very slowly paced. I don’t know about you but a novel needs to be moving along swiftly for it to really hold my attention.

The main character is not completely lazy, at least she has some sort of job but it’s the fact she does take advantage of her used-to-be-by-marriage Aunt Kate by overstaying her welcome in her little apartment and not even offering a few pennies to her even though it was rent-free for only a few weeks. Everyone knows you should just get back on your feet instead of being a lay-about. Those that are too picky with jobs – use it as the biggest excuse to do nothing. Or not much in Alice’s case.

Normally with this kind of plot two strangers, Alice and George should have eventually met, so let’s say 3/4 of the way through however they only meet in person at the very end which was annoying. I also did not expect some events with George to occur so it was sad as well.

Overall, if a few things where improved this would have been an amazing read. It was an okay read.

3/5 Stars

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