Book Review: Someone Like You By Rachel Dove


There was no plot on GR at the time this review was written and then published


Cute and heart warming read that you can easily get lost in! 💫

I wish this novel had a summary on the GR page as usually novels do.
Especially as this was such a cute fluffy read.

Be aware this novel involves physical abuse and overcoming it.

This novel is a heart warming read about Hannah and her baby daughter Ava who have moved to Leadsham, a small town for the fresh start they need. Not long in, they meet Broady (also known as Andrew) , a police officer who is a gentleman and has been drawn to her since he laid his eyes on her.

There is so much cuteness within this, the friendships as well and the love they are showing Hannah and Ava, two strangers who have arrived at their village. This novel mentions the serious topics in a nice way. As in, I wouldn’t normally pick up a novel that would mention it but it done so in a not ‘in your face’ type of way.

I agree with others where the dialogue was a bit confusing with no he or she said.

Normally novels fill you in on what was done over the last few weeks I felt this could have been done a bit better.

If you are looking for a slow romance as well as rebuilding yourself then, this novel is it.

4/5 Stars


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