Book Review: A French Girl In New York


This French girl’s life is ugly.

Maude has no friends.

Her foster family’s mean.

She knows nothing about her dead parents.

Only one thing keeps her going: her unconditional love for music.

Until one person changes her life.

Thanks to a chance meeting with an American music producer, Maude flies off to New York to live with his family for six months while she composes her first album.

There’s just one problem.

She can only sing classical and she needs to make this pop album rock… big time.

That’s why she’s stuck working with Matt.

He’s cute, he’s famous, and he makes her mad every chance he gets.

Fortunately, her new friends have her back, though they each have worries of their own.

Popular Jazmine never falls in love—until she’s head over heels with an unexpected boy.
Good girl Cynthia’s got a secret passion that could break her parents’ heart.
And Ben’s family tradition means he’s got an important choice to make before his birthday.

As Maude’s fun new life intersects with theirs she wonders how she could ever go back to her old one.

But when she uncovers the truth about her past, will she find the strength to overcome it or will it destroy her forever?


The title alone was so enticing. France and New York. Two places I would love to visit and take it all in.

Maude is 16 and an orphan. At the start the story has Cinderella vibes as she lived with her foster parents, dad off being a layer and the mom figure being a fat lazy woman that expects Maude to be her housekeeper and babysitter to the twin boys. See the similarities?

When she gets to go on a school trip to Paris for the day and sings infront of an audience in a local Parisian cafe she is then discovered by James Baldwin, a music producer in New York. With somehow convincing the evil foster parents she is then off to New York!

She lives with his family and comes across his children who make her life already become so lively as she is not used to this type of family behaviour.

I found it very interesting to learn about La Cenerentola – a nineteenth century opera that is more lively than the Disney version of Cinderella.

However after this I felt like the novel dragged a lot.

2/5 stars

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