Book Review: This Summer’s Secrets By Emily Barr


One hot summer, first love, so many buried secrets . . .

Senara has never been in love before. She’s not done anything exciting before. Always the sidekick . . . Until the summer that changes everything.

Cliff House is closed off for most of the year until its rich Londoner owners come down to Cornwall for the summer. This year, despite herself, Senara finds herself pulled into this world of wealth and ease, sunbathing and beautiful people. She even finds herself falling in love for the first time.

But Cliff House and its owners are hiding things. They’ve been hiding things for too long and now, despite all their efforts, their secrets are coming out . . . Secrets that involve Senara’s friends and her family in a way she could never have imagined.


It took a little while for me to get into this novel. However I appreciate how it was written in order to try to cover so many characters over different time spams.

But it was a little too much for a reader. Plus, at times throughout some chapters I am constantly finding myself wondering who’s point of view are we reading? Even during the chapters the way it was written, talking about Josie or Meg or Rik at times then switching to other characters so I could never know who’s point of view I was actually reading from.

What makes me love a book is if they are relatable. I think that is what makes a person love, hate, find the book alright with one.

With there being so many characters and you decide to read this let me break it down from what I can remember:

Senara – Comes across as the main character, 17 years old. Her mum is Jenna, and her best friend is Josie.
Josie – Went out with Gareth, relationship issues. Her mum is Angie. She has an interest in Meg.
Jenna – One of the mums. Back in the old days she was besties with Felicity and went out with her brother, Alex.
Felicity – Her granny is Martha who owns the Cliff house and cottage. When they were young, Felicity, Jenna, Alex and Rachel were besties. Felicity has a daughter called Clementine who is a stuck up rich bitch.
Rachel – Went ‘missing’ back then, and was going out with a creepy man named Andy who creeped on girls, ew. Has a sister called Lucy? (I think that’s her name, her and Angie are a bit confusing from my reading)
Andy – Creepy dude who seems to have went to Thailand as his sister is Josie’s mum.
Martha – The wonderful lady who resides in Cliff house and leaves the story with a wonderful mystery.

Okay I think that covers all the characters.
Apart from the confusing timelines it was interesting. This journey we went on, we are learning along with Senara for the most part.

It was a mystery read full of secrets and turns on every page that completely took my attention.

4/5 Stars


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