Book Review: Paris the Memoir By Paris Hilton



Heiress. Party girl. Problem child. Selfie taker. Model. Cover girl. Reality star.

These are labels that have been attached to Paris Hilton by others.

Founder. Entrepreneur. Pop Culture Maker. Innovator. Survivor. Activist. Daughter. Sister. Wife. Mom.

These are roles Paris Hilton embraces now as a fully realized woman.

Paris rose to prominence as an heiress to the Hilton Hotels empire, but cultivated her fame and fortune as the It Girl of the aughts, a time marked by the burgeoning twenty-four-hour entertainment news cycle and the advent of the celebrity blog. Using her celebrity brand, Paris set in motion her innovative business ventures, while being the constant target of tabloid culture that dismissively wrote her off as “famous for being famous.” With tenacity, sharp business acumen, and grit, she built a global empire and, in the process, became a truly modern icon beloved around the world.

Now, with courage, honesty, and humor, Paris Hilton is ready to take stock, place it all in context, and share her story with the world. Separating the creation from the creator, the brand from the ambassador, Paris: The Memoir strips away all we thought we knew about a celebrity icon, taking us back to a privileged childhood lived through the lens of undiagnosed ADHD and teenage rebellion that triggered a panicked–and perilous–decision by her parents. Led to believe they were saving their child’s life, Paris’s mother and father had her kidnapped and sent to a series of “emotional growth boarding schools,” where she survived almost two years of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. In the midst of a hell we now call the “troubled teen industry,” Paris created a beautiful inner world where the ugliness couldn’t touch her. She came out, resolving to trust no one but herself as she transformed that fantasy world into a multibillion-dollar reality.

Recounting her perilous journey through pre-#MeToo sexual politics with grace, dignity, and just the right amount of sass, Paris: The Memoir tracks the evolution of celebrity culture through the story of the figure at its leading edge, full of defining moments and marquee names. Most important, Paris shows us her path to peace while she challenges us to question our role in her story and in our own. Welcome to Paris.


To sum up this novel in two words: That’s hot.

Did you know? Paris’s birthday is the day after mine, what a coincidence as I got to read and enjoy this novel and Paris even more.

People assume things of you, you like nice things so you are a snob or above people? No.
Paris Hilton may have a famous name but she has also made a name for herself and through a lot of bad shit that happened to her she deserves hell of a lot more credit.

I love her thought process, the advice she gives in this. How selective she was in choosing which stories could fit into this novel. There is no real formal structure (best). But we got an insight into this person and some of the major events in her life that has helped shape her to who she is now.

Paris has so much love inside of her and the things she has accomplished by opening up. Which, btw, I have the YT video she done as a documentary on my soon to watch so I cannot wait.

I wish Prime still had The Simple Life to view because I never got to properly finish/give my time to it last year!

It was so shocking and sad to hear about what happens to troubled teens when they get sent to these ‘schools’ and the abuse they give you. Yes a troubled teen may be up to bad stuff but NO-ONE deserves the abuse they put them through.

I really enjoyed the fact that Paris did not use a ghost-writer as a-lot of autobiographies does not seem like it has a unique personality about the person you are reading about.

I have recently started this documentary recording on YouTube that she mentions in her novel and I see a woman that does what she enjoys and is passionate about whilst dealing with toxic men who try to ruin her career starting arguments during important moments in her life and she still powers through it. Why can’t men be more supportive? Respect to Paris. 

This novel has such a pretty cover, covers a lot of topics, made me laugh, made me feel so sad, and full of life advice all within this book.

This novel is definitely a look behind the curtains of celebrities and what can be going on without you seeing.

5/5 Stars


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