Book Review: The Sunrise Sisterhood By Cathy Bramley


This one was a bit on the ‘give me the author’s other books instead’ as they are a lot better.

This did start off well however some things annoyed me and it just got worse from there. For starters the godmother is a drunk. She doesn’t seem to realise this and if she does she doesn’t do much to help, who drinks that much during an event they are working?! She is also obsessed with her best friend’s ex-husband for over 20 years, MOVE ON! Especially when he has been a complete ass of a person to his children and his ex wife and her.
Skye is okay, she is a normal 20’s girl figuring out her life. She is the only character that I think was written well.

Big flaw:
There are a good few inaccuracies with Ivy (the under 1 year old) which really annoyed me.

Because 1. Is this a toddler or a big bruiser lump of a baby?
2. You do not feed an under 1 year old raisins, everyone knows that. Yet Claire states this is one of Ivy’s snacks. Anyone should know this is a choking hazard, anything small and chewy like that – whatever size your baby is you do not give it snacks of this kind.
3. It understands words and and speak back like a 4 year old. Even if the child is a big bruiser when it is under 1. Realistically it does not function the way this one is being described.
4. How can the baby’s father realistically not actually see from looking at the baby that it is his? Obviously it looks like him when he’s saying hey funny thing that baby looks like my dad. Well duh! He would have features and if it looks like your dad it clearly must look like you too then. There is obviously some resemblance on the fathers side so how could he not put two and two together?

Lastly, I have a petite baby therefore I can say the above because this is from actual knowledge and experience.

Overall, this novel could have been improved, I love this author’s novels usually however this novel annoyed me with its inaccuracies and unrealistic ness of common sense. The author has better books out there which I strongly encourage exploring.

Thank you to publishers for sending this novel in exchange for my honest review.

3/5 Stars


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