Book Review: Hyphenated Relations By Daniel Maunz


Sam Daly is leading a life of quiet isolation following the death of her husband, Mike. She is content to merely put in her eight hours at work each day before heading home to lose herself in a book, only to restart that cycle the following morning. But Sam’s self-imposed cocoon is threatened after her eccentric father-in-law Harold stumbles back into her world to announce that he is getting remarried to the mysterious Marcie Porter, who is burdened by her own complex family history.

The last thing Sam wants is to get involved with Harold’s new endeavor. But after getting wind that Marcie’s four children intend to sabotage the wedding, Sam is reluctantly drawn into a new family drama and all that comes with it, whether it be the development of unexpected alliances or butting heads with ruthless enemies. While navigating these landmines, Sam finds herself struggling to come to terms with the painful past she had been holding away at arm’s length for so long.

Through these trials and tribulations, Sam is also forced to confront the one question that she had sought to avoid since her husband’s passing-whether she is done with the notion of “family” after all.


Themes of family, new beginnings, trust, new friendships, grief, betrayal from family members are contained in this one.

Very well written as always. I found this novel to be delightful. Getting to know all the characters.

Marcie has been the guardian of 4 children (3 are her own, 1 is adopted) each husband she has had has passed away due to a circumstance or another. Meets Widow Harold, he is the one so let’s get married. Until her children try to stop the weddings. Be aware these are adult children in their 30’s (late 20’s at earliest?).
Why not let your own mother be happy?
Harold had lost both his wife and son on the same day a few years ago. His son was married to Sam. Harold reaches out to Sam and she reluctantly agrees to come to the engagement party.

Marcie’s children are very odd in each of their own ways. They are quite immature given their age. And presuming their mum would die an old spinster, not allowing her to get married.
I think I loved her character the most. Sam does not mention much about her own parents so I really enjoyed seeing their relationships grow. Marcie is just so upbeat and positive and Sam has a bit of a hard shell on her.

I love how realistic the characters are. Especially during Sam’s journey throughout.
A family coming together type of read. Apart from some annoying siblings. The only small thing I would change would be breaking up the chapters a little bit as they are a bit longer than other books I have read.
Overall, this novel focuses on the importance of family and coming together especially to those in need, does not have to be blood related relative. Just being there for each other.

4.5/5 Stars


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