Book Review: The Back Up Man By Phoebe Luckhurst


Shortly after her 29th birthday, Anya Mackie finds herself single, homeless and jobless. Well-meaning friends and family rally round, but she’s soon stuck in a flatshare with Cold Claire and Weird Richard, and giving trumpet lessons to Glasgow’s most unappealing twins. But when Anya stumbles on the pact she made with high school crush, Euan Carrick, where they promised to marry if they were still single at thirty, she thinks it’s a lifeline. Until Anya discovers that Euan hasn’t been seen for a decade.

Grudgingly accepting the help (and car!) of handsome-but-emotionally-unavailable Jamie Kildare – another blast from Anya’s past, with his own mysterious reasons for tracking down their old school pal, the pair set off across the country to find Anya’s back-up-man.

In the age of social media and blue ticks, how could Euan have disappeared?
Will he even remember their pact?
And are some things just better left in the past . . . ?


A book easily devoured.
Very well written and easy to get into. I found this novel very compelling and the story line well paced.

Seeing how the main character Anya copes when everything in her life doesn’t seem to be turning out well was interesting. I wished the ending showed what would happen with her new found love for her own little business. So perhaps a second novel to this would happen?

The characters where very well developed and realistic and I didn’t want it to end. Especially given the slow-burn romance between her and another. As well as seeing the friendships developed.

Thanks to the publishers for sending me this in exchange for my honest thoughts.

5/5 Stars


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