Book Review: The Book of Wonders By Julien Sandrel


The Book of Wonders is a moving, heart-warming tearjerker of a novel about finding the strength to carry on in the face of devastation, and how the most unlikely, painful moments can often be the ones which teach us that life is worth living.

Live every day like it’s your last.

Thelma is the busy single mum of 12-year-old Louis. When he is hit by a lorry one morning, their lives are changed for ever. Louis falls into a coma and if he doesn’t regain consciousness in the next four weeks, he may never wake up again.

At home in Louis’ bedroom, a devastated Thelma finds a list of all the things he wants to accomplish in his life, and suddenly sees a way to survive: she will fulfil her son’s dreams, in the hope that it will bring him back. With the help of his nurse, Thelma sets up an iPad in Louis’ hospital room so he can follow her adventures. His first wish: to spend a day in Tokyo. Thelma has just one desperate hope, that her son will come back to her.


You could tell this would become one of the stories that pull you in.

Thelma is a woman that works hard to provide for her son. She has easily let work take over which can be easily done. However when her son has an accident she soon realises life has to change if he was to wake again.

Louis, the son wrote a novel of stuff he wants to do before he dies. So, Thelma goes ahead and does each of them to tell him about her experience to show her son that life is worth living.

This novel makes you realise what is really important in life.
Spend time in the Now and do not worry as much about what is next. To spend time with those you care about.

An emotional rollercoaster.

4/5 Stars


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