Book Review: My (extra)Ordinary Life By Rebecca Ryan


The Average UK Woman…

Has brown hair
Is 5’4
Eats meat
Doesn’t live in London
Will fall in love before they’re 30…
Emily knows how she measures up. How do you?

When watching a documentary on the average human experience, Emily realises she’s the epitome of the typical woman. Her name, her height, her occupation… even her blood group. The only thing unusual about her is that she’s a twin. But her twin died when they were only 8 and Emily can’t help but think maybe her sister was meant to live instead of her. Secretly she suspects her sister would have done a better job at life… better than average anyway. So Emily writes a list committing her to live a more extraordinary life… she’ll become a vegan, run a marathon and bungee jump.

But the one thing she knows she can’t do though is fall in love… because according to the stats this is the perfect time for her to meet the person she’ll marry. And normal just won’t do.


Lighthearted story!

This novel is about a woman who is struggling with her specific life as she falls into the category of ‘average’ in regards to her job, looks, height and so forth.
She still thinks her twin sister should have lived when this happened years ago.
Very slowly paced.

This novel can be motivating for some, heart-breaking or heart-warming and inspiring.

We as humans do naturally go through life where moments may be boring and this novel covers a lot of that.
But the main character Emily does develop eventually.
I just could not get into too much heart-break as I find that can be depressing sometimes.

Overall, this novel is serious that it talks you through the more boring bits of life and it also reassures you.

Thanks to publishers for sending this novel in exchange for my honest thoughts.

3/5 Stars


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