Book Review: Maybe She’ll Stay By Robyn Lucas


After three disastrous marriages, a series of bad dates, and a tumultuous relationship with an emotionally abusive mother, psychology professor Nancy Jewel is through with love and commitment. Romantic or familial, the notion is a waste of her time. Content with being alone, she’s starting to feel normal-ish when she learns her father, incarcerated in Georgia, has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Nancy is determined to get him a compassionate release, even if it means returning home and reaching out for help from the last attorney she wants to see: her recent ex.

Back in her estranged mother’s orbit, and dealing with the fear of losing her father, Nancy wrestles with the ghosts of her toxic childhood and her reconnection with a failed bid at love. When an unexpected career challenge pushes Nancy to the edge, her impulse is to run. What other choice does she have? Face life head-on, and maybe, for once, stay.


I found this to be such a comforting read. Perhaps because it is relatable (Narcissistic mother) tends to be a common thing, to an extent.

The pace was very quick. The plot was heartbreaking with the way the mother treated her and I felt so sorry for her, and myself I guess.

You kept wanting to find out what will happen next.
The story flows quite smoothly.
Thank you to the publishers for sending this novel in exchange for my honest thoughts.

3/5 Stars


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