Book Review: The Best Days of Our Lives By Lucy Diamond


When 35-year-old Leni McKenzie is knocked off her bike, her family’s world is turned upside down.

Leni and her sister Alice were best friends as well as siblings. But did they know each other as well as Alice thought? In the hope of coming to terms with her grief, she tries to piece together Leni’s last weeks – but her discoveries only lead to more questions. And that’s before the surprise reappearance of someone from the past. Life is certainly getting very complicated …

Meanwhile, the rest of the family seem to be falling apart. Belinda, Alice’s mum, has developed an unhealthy obsession with a clairvoyant, and Tony, her dad, is stressed about becoming a father all over again, what with three failed marriages stacking up behind him.

As for Will, the youngest McKenzie, he’s in denial, having hopped onto a plane to Thailand days after the funeral. Secretly, he’s tormented by the part he played in Leni’s death … and the thing about secrets is, they always come out eventually …


I love Lucy Diamond’s novels! Though this one is a bit different.

The standard theme of romance however it is in different ways this time.
This novel goes through how the family deals with Leni’s passing. This is not a sad story though so do not be put off by it.

It really goes into detail of everyone’s point of view. And how they eventually grew closer.
Major character development in each of them.

I know Tony the father is to be seen as the bad guy but he really isn’t. He has improved the most throughout.

Thanks to the publishers for sending this in exchange for my honest thoughts.

4/5 Stars


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