Book Review: All The Lonely People By Mike Gayle


Hubert Bird is not alone in being alone.
He just needs to realise it.

In weekly phone calls to his daughter in Australia, widower Hubert Bird paints a picture of the perfect retirement, packed with fun, friendship and fulfilment.

But Hubert Bird is lying.

The truth is day after day drags by without him seeing a single soul.

Until, that is, he receives some good news – good news that in one way turns out to be the worst news ever, news that will force him out again, into a world he has long since turned his back on.

Now Hubert faces a seemingly impossible task: to make his real life resemble his fake life before the truth comes out.
Along the way Hubert stumbles across a second chance at love, renews a cherished friendship and finds himself roped into an audacious community scheme that seeks to end loneliness once and for all . . .

Life is certainly beginning to happen to Hubert Bird. But with the origin of his earlier isolation always lurking in the shadows will he ever get to live the life he’s pretended to have for so long?


This is the story of a Jamaican immigrant named Hubert. It alternatives between the present and the past. I thought each chapter blending well with each other. It answers how he ends up alone now in the present.

For starters, he has been lying to his daughter about having friends. But now she is coming home.
I found him to be so ignorant towards his new neighbour just refusing to speak at all when she was chatting away to him. I was also annoyed due to the way he speaks because grammatically it was annoying to read “me thought this so me did this for you. Are you angry with me for doing this” you get the drift.

The second half of this read it begins to develop more as Hubert begins to make friends.
It is funny once you grow to the characters stubborn ways. This is a novel about heartbreak that reaffirms itself as love.

3/5 Stars


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