Book Review: Class Trip By Emmanuel Carrère


Two harrowing tales of pyschological suspense — hailed as “stunning” (John Updike) — from the mathematician of horrorTwo by Carrere brings together the greatest works of Emmanuel Carrere, “the Stephen King of France” (Mirabella), two novels that are at once gripping suspense stories and laser probes into the modern psyche.

In Class Trip, little Nicolas embarks on an ill-fated overnight excursion. Prone to lurid imaginings of kidnappings and organ thefts, Nicolas watches his fantasies grow horrifyingly real when a local child disappears. Nicolas takes it upon himself to investigate, fearlessly playing detective — until he uncovers the devastating truth. Dramatic, taut with intensity, Carrere’s depictions of the terrifying anxieties and shifting realities of modern life are marvels of concentrated emotion.


Very well written however it was unsettling. I never realised the author was French.

This author has the child protagonist thinking about many topics including their body, death, and suicide at a very young age, I am not sure if this is common at least in other parts of the world.

Overall it was uncomfortable to read at times although the writing style was great.

3/5 Stars


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