Book Review: One Night In HartsWood By Emma Denny


A love story worth fighting for…

Oxfordshire 1360

When Penn and Raff meet in Hartswood Forest the only truth they know of each other is a brief moonlit kiss they had shared previously. But Penn is escaping a life of cruelty, and an arranged marriage to a woman he has never seen. Raff is tracking the elusive missing groom of his sister to restore his family’s honour. Neither are looking for a travelling companion. Yet both men find themselves drawn to each other in ways neither imagined.

Unaware of their true identities they venture north together through Hartswood Forest. And, as their bond deepens, their fates become irrevocably entwined. But, with one escaping a life of duty and one tracking a fugitive, continued concealment threatens everything they know and trust in each other. So when secrets are finally revealed, and the consequences of their relationship become clear, both must decide what they will risk for the man they love.

(Contains: Huddling for warmth, Identity porn, Training montages, “Run away with me” (and actually doing it), Violence against partridges and other wildfowl)


An interesting historical romance.

This novel for once for a historical novel about romance, features same-sex relationships during this time which was interesting as it hasn’t been done much before from what I have came across.

Be aware this novel features topics such as abuse.

Of course with these types of romances during this time there is a lot of lies and some difficult lies to overcome.

Overall I would have loved if we seen some more detail on the historical sides of this particular world.

3/5 Stars


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