Book Review: The Couple By Helly Acton


Millie is a perfectionist. She’s happy, she’s successful – and, with a great support network of friends and family (and a very grumpy cat) around her, she’s never lonely. She has her dream job at a big tech firm and is on track to become the company’s youngest ever Innovation Director. The last thing she needs is romance messing up her perfectly organised world.

Besides, normal people just don’t have romantic relationships. Everyone knows that being in a couple is a bit . . . well, odd. Sure, everybody has that one coupled-up friend who messes up the numbers at dinner parties, but it’s a bit eccentric. You know, like having a pet snake or living off the grid. Why rely on another person for your own happiness? Why risk the humiliation of unrequited love or the agony of a break-up when you can do everything yourself? No, Millie is perfectly happy with her conventional single life.

So when Millie lands a new project at work, launching a pill that stops you falling in love, it seems like the opportunity of a lifetime. That is, until she starts working with Ben. He’s charming and funny, and Millie feels an instant connection with him. Is this the spark that science and society are trying to suppress?

Will Millie sacrifice everything she believes in for love?


Dystopian world based on love and couples.

I loved this wonderful novel. From people seeming to have gender neutral relationships (as it does not use labels which I found unique and interesting) to the drastic points of views and discussions throughout. It was interesting to read from both sides and perspectives on basically the Pros of singles and Pros of couples.

Things like ‘double rent’ for being in a couple makes you wonder how would it be double rent if it is two people because if they where single they would have to pay that amount each anyway. And then comparing that to the real world where it is just split. 

In this world, the couples are to be ashamed of and the rulers of this universe is the Singles. This novel made me laugh out loud. I loved the evolution of the main character the most. Her views have really changed throughout but it takes you through it step by step helping you understand both sides points of views. I loved this dystopian world it was an enjoyable read.

5/5 Stars


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