Book Review: Lifesaving for Beginners By Josie Lloyd


Together they can turn the tide…

When Maddy receives a call on Christmas Day from her estranged son Jamie who has been missing for the past few years on a Brighton phone number, she decides to go there in attempt to track him down and repair their relationship. As she strolls on the beach one morning mulling over her next steps, she meets the Sea-Gals – a group of feisty women who are sea swimmers.

Seventy-year-old Helga is determined not to slow down because of her age, while twenty-something Tor is still figuring out who she is. Recently widowed Dominica swims to help deal with her grief, while busy mum of two Claire has started swimming to put herself first for a change.

And with the Sea-Gals by her side, Maddy has a group of trusty and supportive friends to help her rebuild her life. After all, it’s never too late to turn the tide but sometimes we just need our friends to help us through the stormy waters…


This novel was enjoyable. I listened to the audiobook of this.

The main character Maddie is the newest member in a swimming gang. To get to that point first though, she originally found out on Christmas Day that her husband has been cheating on her with her best friend.

Anyway, all of the women are of many ages and different backgrounds. They shortly become close friends who are there for each other especially during the tough times.

The audiobook of this piece was great. The voices for all of the different characters are very appreciated. I didn’t realise this novel falls into the category of Women’s Fiction which I think tends to be of an older generation however. This novel really was enjoyable.

4/5 Stars


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