Healthy Lunch or Dinner: Chicken Katsu Under 400 Cals


100g of cooked boiled rice

Handful of veg unfrozen

4 Mushrooms

1 Pepper

A handful of green beans

A handful of spring onions

1 red onion

3 tbs Soy sauce

Small handful of washed lettuce

Uncooked chicken Katsu

Olive oil


After chopping your vegetables, put them to the side and start breaking up the chicken into pieces and make sure your frying pan has olive oil on it enough to cover the base.

I personally just added all the dry ingredients together and as the chicken was starting to look eatable that was when I added more olive oil and soy sauce for flavour!

When I tried figuring out how many calories this was I could not believe it was under 400 calories for my dinner! 373 to be a bit more precise.


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