Book Review: You Have To Make Your Own Fun Around Here By Frances Macken


Katie, Maeve and Evelyn have been friends forever. Outspoken, unpredictable and intoxicating, Evelyn is the undisputed leader of the trio. But Katie’s dream of escaping their tiny rural town for a new life in Dublin confronts her with a choice: to hold onto a friendship that has made her who she is, or risk leaving her best friend behind.

Told from Katie’s witty, quirky perspective and filled with unforgettable characters, this moving, immersive and very funny study of sisterhood takes a keen-eyed look at the delights and complexities of female friendship, the corrosive power of jealousy and guilt, and the people and places that shape us. Compellingly readable and effortlessly sharp, fizzing with the voices of rural Ireland, this is an unmissable novel from a dazzling new talent.


Novels usually have a consistent plot. You kind of know the story it is telling. That is the point of reading fiction, right?

Not in this case I felt.

The novel seemed to not know where it was going which others have also commented on so it wasn’t just me I am glad to hear.

It was a dark turn of events eventually when the plot decided to go somewhere.

2/5 Stars

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