Book Review: Just For December By Laura Jane Williams


Evie Bird is a romance writer whose latest bestseller is being made into a Christmas movie.
Duke Carlisle is a world-famous actor who has landed the role of leading man.

When Evie and Duke meet on set, it’s a frosty encounter – even icier than the cobbled Bavarian streets they’re filming on.

But after images of them arguing leak to the press and put the movie in jeopardy, they are left with no choice but to fake date until the cameras stop rolling.

As the pair start to put their differences aside, their feelings gradually begin to thaw… But can sparks ever really fly in a snowstorm?

Laura Jane Williams is BACK with the most romantic read of the festive season. If you love Christmas movies like The Holiday and The Christmas Prince, this is the read to warm your heart with this December.


This novel was interesting, it was like another hate to love type of vibe.

Hurt people hurt people. This saying is true especially for the main character, Evie. She is a very grumpy character who only seems to think about herself. She writes novels for a living. You’d think she would be used to people wanting to see her with the novel success she has. But no, she a complete and utter ass who loves belittling successful people.
Duke Carlisle adores Evie’s novels however Evie is up her own behind as she ignores his compliments and puts him in a stereotypical role and judges him for this.

The best part of this novel was the descriptions of everything else in the scenery surrounding them. The main character was just a plain Negative Nancy.

It was okay overall.

3/5 Stars


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