Book Review: The Christmas Holiday By Phillipa Ashley


Krystle didn’t have a normal childhood and longed for warm family Christmases with presents under the tree. Now she makes sure everyone else has the perfect Christmas she never had, bringing beautiful decorations to cheer as many people as possible.

With her festive business booming, she decides to celebrate by renting a secluded house in the Lakes, with a plan to make this the ultimate yuletide getaway.

But fate immediately throws a spanner in the works in the form of a broken-down car, a flooded river and Max; a man who despises Christmas.

Krystle becomes determined to show Max the joys of the holiday. She won’t take no for an answer.

Can she melt Max’s Grinch-like heart? And can he show her that life doesn’t need to go to plan to take you somewhere magical…


A warm hug with words.

If you want another hallmark type of Christmas within a book, this one is for you.

Krys and her very annoying boyfriend have made a trip to the Lake District however it does not have the best start. Along comes a local to their rescue. Of course, you can see how this will play out. Her boyfriend really annoyed me as it made me wonder, why are you with him, do you have low self-esteem or no respect for yourself? As it was clear they didn’t have as much chemistry.

It was a cosy read overall.

3/5 Stars

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