Book Review: The Graveyard Shift By Stephen King


Dropout drifter Hall has crossed the country doing whatever comes his way. Working the “Graveyard Shift” in a decaying Massachusetts mill under a bullying foreman is just one more leg in his crazy quilt journey, until it leads to a nether realm where the Rat Queen defends her empire. Things are never as they seem, as “The Man Who Loved Flowers” proves one perfect Spring evening on the sidewalks of New York. In “The Last Rung on the Ladder” beautiful Kitty hangs from dizzying heights above a hideous fate and, in “Night Surf,” a group of teenagers on a late summer beach watch the world end in a gruesome, viral whimper. The mind-numbing secrets of “Jerusalem’s Lot” wait in an ancestral mansion where blood binds the Boone family to a timeless history of unspeakable evil.


Personally, I just couldn’t get into this one.

It took me forever to realise this was a collection of short stories as I was listening to this novel in-between tasks so for me it felt all over the place before realising it was different stories.

DO NOT listen to a spooky novel whilst there is a bomb situation going on outside your door. What an odd morning/night it was.

Overall, I did mainly enjoy the first story most, but I was expecting more from the stories as they made great longer plots.

3/5 Stars

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