Book Review: The Girls Bathroom By Sophia Tuxford and Cinza Baylis-Zullo


In The Girls Bathroom, Sophia & Cinzia, the girls behind the chart-topping podcast, will supply you with all the girl chat, support and relationship advice you could ever want!

If you need help with:

– Learning how to keep your life organised and together
– Manifesting and achieving your goals
– Keeping your head in the dating world
– Embracing and falling in love with being independent or single
– Finding a healthy lifestyle that works for you
– Enjoying the present and being comfortable in your skin

Then this is the book for you.

Bringing their learnings, experiences and truth to the book, Sophia & Cinzia will show you you’re not alone. No topics are off limits.



Finally got around to reading the novel made by The Girls Bathroom podcast which I also adore!

Seriously, these girls were the first podcast I listened to that I properly stuck listening to for ages when I had Spotify years ago.

This novel’s first chapter caught my attention straight away. It is relatable in some way to every woman (because women can be amazing if you’re Actually nice with aspirations).

I think every little girl needs this in high school as no one really listens to their parents therefore having this little book with you would be a complete reassurance for that age group – or age mentally as some females do not age mentally and some need a reminder.

No person deserves to feel like any of the below (which I agree with throughout the novel these are elements of jealousy) I have come across petulant ‘adults’ to this day it is quite embarrassing adults behave in this immature and tactful way:

“That walking-on-eggshells feelings of unpredictability with a friend” YES!
If you have to walk on eggshells and having to be careful to not say too much about your life as a “friend” can get so jealous easily is toxic. Foe indeed when one is so easily jealous and is not there for you when for example relatives passed away – HOW JEALOUS CAN YOU GET that you ignore something like that? Low self-esteem people are the answer to that.

When it’s clear that your own life is one success after the next, and your “friend” is being so dry and pretending it does not exist – clearly Negative Nancy is the one that has issues. This novel helps you realise that YOU come first. I already know that, but I loved listening to The Girls Bathroom Podcast when I used to listen to them all the time a few years ago.

“They never celebrate your wins…They steal your limelight…it’s your birthday… suddenly my your friend turns up and immediately bursts into tears” yes! This novel has so many good points. Why be ‘friends’ with someone if you’re so insecure with yourself that you really cannot be happy for their success? Just because one has got their shit together does not mean you have let your very low self-esteem of yourself take over. There is such thing as actually being happy for one’s success whilst being happy with where you are in life. If you are feeling crap DO FUDGING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Instead of making up fudge about the successful one! Seriously. These girls stuck together and look where they are in life. It’s rare to have another close friend that isn’t jealous. Where you actually push each other to grow instead of being what most of the world recognise as layabouts with zero goals.

Realistic for anyone finishing education on what is the next step as anyone who knows when they’re seeking to benefit from the degree (as you’re supposed to because why else do you get into debt?) it can be confusing out there and you may feel like you’re the only one however, Soph and Cinz let you know that girl it’s okay everyone goes through this stage.

Another great point in this, “So important not to compare who has achieved at this age or that age because, unfairly, we don’t all start at the same start line”

I loved that there is a little quiz in the novel about should you go to uni. It has realistic answers and a points system to help guide you. In my opinion I feel this would help so many people and should have prevented people from wasting a spot.

Friendships or decent human beings 101 tells you that sleeping with someone a “friend” fancies are “crossing the line”. Anyone that does, really isn’t a good human to any “friend” really.

I’ve had this novel on my TBR since it was first released. As I knew I would love it so much as it is so relatable to everyday time but especially when you are at a high school age.

Everyone is on a different path in life despite your age. Just because one friend has their own house, a family they have created with someone they have known for a lot longer than a one-night stand does not mean you have to follow suit and rush into that lifestyle the other has made.

That is what makes us all unique. By having our own lifestyles and not flipping copying each other. Once you are true to yourself you begin to grow. It is sad that some people cannot grow. This novel can hopefully help people realise this is the hug you needed as a child in school when anything was annoying or silly. This is the novel that you can turn to for boy problems when you’re first discovering love and other things.

5/5 Stars

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