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Book Review: The Cruise By Catherine Cooper


A glamorous ship. A mysterious cast of passengers. And a New Year’s Eve party that goes horribly wrong…

During a New Year’s Eve party on a large cruise ship in the Caribbean, the ship’s dancer, Lola, disappears. The ship is searched, and the coastguard is called, but there is no sign of her, either dead or alive.

Lola was popular on the ship but secretive about her background, and as the mystery around her deepens, each passenger becomes a suspect. Who was she arguing with the night she vanished? Why did she come aboard the cruise in the first place? What was she running from?


What could possibly go wrong on a Cruise? A lot.
This story involves chapters from different peoples point of views. However, it is back and forth and usually a novel is consistent in one way or another when it comes to multiple POVs and going back in time. However, it was very inconsistent in this matter which started putting me off this one as consistency is a big thing to stay on top of.

In terms of the plot, I really did enjoy the plot with the idea that someone has gone overboard and is assumed dead. Soon, the ship is on a layover in the Caribbean and there is only essentials/useful staff allowed. Then another death occurs and one of the characters POV was very dodgy and poorly written in how their thought process is portrayed.

Alongside this, there is a backstory of a missing person. You begin to wonder how the two things are connected. It feels as if it takes forever to move along with this story until it eventually did.
Overall, it did feel like two different novels mushed together however it didn’t suit. There are ways to mash two story lines together however these two where very out of it.

I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review.

3/5 Stars

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