Book Review: The Girl I Used To Be By Debbie Howells


Marie Kondo for the soul.

Anna and Will have been passing in and out of each other’s lives since they were just kids.

Now 20 years later, Anna is married – she has a lovely house, a step daughter in university and a husband with a good job.

What she doesn’t have is joy. When she runs into Will it sparks something in her, a longing for the Anna she used to be.

Together they embark on a journey to find what brings them joy, to discard what doesn’t and to become the people they always wanted to be.

But in finding themselves, can they also find each other? 


The story of Will and Anna was very intriguing at the beginning to entice you to know more. However, after a little while it lost its momentum for me personally.

It was a very slow burn type of romance, rollercoaster emotions going back and forth. Just when you expect them to get together, something else gets in their way.

At times this novel felt like you are having a chat with an old friend. To reminisce over being younger again.

Some quotes I really enjoyed:
“We take on all these limitations, mostly dictated by other people. They hold us back. Get in the way of our dreams.”

“That’s why there are so many unhappy relationships ships. Safety and familiarity are not easy things to give up”

SO True! The amount of people I know is pathetic that do this. Staying together for the sake of the kids etc. if you want a kid go have one, don’t stay with someone because of them. Anyone can produce a baby. But to have your child around potential harmful people as you don’t know them is a major no for me at least. Thank goodness the main character didn’t have children, although she basically raised her stepdaughter. But she was living in a bubble, quite literally as she was having the same days on repeat and actually Losing Herself piece by piece until she finally met someone from her past that reminded her, she has choices and the way she is currently she is not herself! She has become a complete bore that follows her dull husbands’ orders. Thank goodness people in the novel eventually seen what they were doing wasn’t right for them. You put yourself first. Self-care and all that.

It was great to get views from both of them across random timelines you were not expecting. The characters are very well developed with their stories. I did wonder at times how did Anna stick with her husband with the way he was treating her.

Overall, it was a cute love story based on fate and chance.

3/5 Stars


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