Book Review: Someone For Everyone By Tracy Corbett


A surprise inheritance and a failing care home might hold the unlikely makings for true love…

Kate’s husband has not only left her, he’s also left her tons of debt and she now risks losing her career as a lawyer if she can’t find a way to pay it back.

Overnight, Calvin’s life changed when he signed for a major football team, and then again when injury forced him into early retirement. His life is once more about to be shaken up after he inherits his great-uncle’s estate.

Kate needs a job and Calvin needs someone to manage the care home he now owns – if it doesn’t turn a profit in the next three months, it will be shut down and the residents forced out. Can the two work together to save Rose Court, and each other?

A fun, festive and joyful romance for fans of Sophie Ranald and Holly Martin.


Slow-burn romance ahead!
Mesmerised and brought into a Christmas feel-good world.

This is the first time I have come across the author’s writing and it was perfect.

The two main characters, Kate and Calvin oh my. I really do wonder what both of them look like. For them to be such complete opposites it would be intriguing. Calvin is this supposed gorgeous man on the outside, and throughout this novel he is also like this on the inside. He has pure intentions and reasoning.

I liked Kate at times however sometimes I felt like shaking her to waken her. She was awkward but sometimes she really didn’t need to be (such as taking a tantrum with a tree).

This novel is set in Pluckley which is in Kent. The setting reminded me of a non-Cornwall type of village these novels usually mention. I just pictured a cute little small village. Kind of like the one I am currently residing in which just added to this novel being so perfect.

Throughout, we meet the residents of the care home that Calvin had inherited. It was fate when he met Kate who had needed a job which just so happened to be the role Calvin needed her for and he could let her stay at the care home too which solved her issues. We meet residents such as Rowan who is very eccentric.

The entire community was just so full of life with everyone’s personalities.

I stretched this out whilst I was reading this as I really did enjoy every single moment. What peaked my interest more so was the friendship they built. They spent a long time getting to know each other. Yes, Kate was jealous of her cousin having a baby and his ex and so forth. 

As Calvin and Kate sort out issues, they are also getting to know each other and keep trying to fight it, at times it was very slow but overall I really enjoyed the entire premise, the characters and just how it all fits well together.

Oh and thank you to the publishers for sending me this novel in exchange for my honest review.

5/5 Stars


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