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Book Review: The Man I Never Met By Elle Cook


When Hannah picks up a call from an unknown number, she thinks nothing of it–it’s just an easygoing American named Davey who misdialed her while calling into a job interview. And when Hannah wishes him luck after clearing up the confusion, she never actually expects to hear from him again.

Then she gets a text saying he got the job and he’ll be moving to London, and she can’t help but smile. Soon their texts become phone calls that turn into video calls, and their friendship becomes a relationship they can’t wait to start in earnest once Davey lands in London in a month’s time.

But when Hannah goes to meet him at the airport, Davey isn’t there–and the reason why changes both of their lives in an instant. With their future together suddenly so uncertain, they don’t know what to do but try to move on from each other.

Though their chance at love seems lost forever, neither is never far from the other’s thoughts. Will fate intervene once more to bring the two together, or will Davey always be the man that Hannah never met?


The plot of this novel had me from the start. Rom-com front cover was so delicious it made me read this one as soon as possible.

I really enjoyed the unique take on this one as it was very realistic and by chance type of situation that makes it a bit different for this genre.

The main character Hannah is a character that is relatable to the average person. From the beginning, the fact that this man had misdialled a number and ended up calling her when he was supposed to be dialling a number for his interview was hilarious. Then, they end up chatting, calling and face-timing each other over the duration of the month. It turns out he does indeed get the job and is to move near Hannah herself.

The fact Hannah is sick and tired of meeting guys online for meaningless dates and finding herself wishing she could just once meet a guy in a different way.

The writing style was fun however it was written in a very American way I noticed compared to other novels set in England. I found the entire narrative to be enticing to keep reading more to find out how it goes and to join Hannah and her friends in this journey. Her next door neighbour, her friends, the gym, just the entire set up was so endearing and it was as if we were along with Hannah in person in this enjoyable journey.

If you are looking for a novel to get lost in, to have fun in a unique romance this is the one! Entertaining and relatable.

This ARC was received in exchange for my honest review.

5/5 Stars

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