Book Review: Snowed In For Christmas By Sarah Morgan

There was no plot for this novel at the time of reading.


Cute lovely read 🤍

Be aware there are multiple narratives that can take forever to navigate through as there isn’t a clear direction when the chapters are switching.

When I start a novel it has to be clear and concise when you shift narratives. This particular novel didn’t do that element too well in my opinion.

So after that, there are Alice, Clemmie and Ross. With no plot as guidance here goes: Alice takes her boyfriend home to meet the parents also he proposed so I don’t know what she expected when your taking a man home at Christmas to meet the family, of course things are about to escalate in their relationship.

Clemmie is desperate for her own baby. Ross is all about work.

Funniest part is, with his siblings personalities and everything he really doesn’t need a girlfriend.

Light-hearted read that can be read at any time of the year.

Recommend on that aspect as the plot is good.

3/5 Stars


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