Book Review: The Hidden Palace By Dinah Jefferies


The second book in the sweeping new historical series from the number one Sunday Times best-selling author.

An island of secrets. A runaway. And a promise….

A rebellious daughter
1923. Among the ancient honey-coloured walls of the tiny island of Malta, strangers slip into the shadows and anyone can buy a new name. Rosalie Delacroix flees Paris for a dancer’s job in the bohemian clubs deep in its winding streets.

A sister with a secret
1944. Running from the brutality of war in France, Florence Baudin faces a new life. But her estranged mother makes a desperate request: to find her vanished sister, who went missing years before.

A rift over generations
Betrayals and secrets, lies and silence hang between the sisters. A faded last letter from Rosalie is Florence’s only clue, the war an immovable barrier – and time is running out….


I have not read the first novel in this series however that didn’t matter too much.

This novel is told in two different times. One, in 1925 where Rosalie runs away from home. Arriving in Malta she goes on to be a dancer for a club. She has ambitions to make something of herself despite the difficult times.

Second timeline being in 1944 England where this woman Florence gets to visit her estranged mother whilst trying to escape the horrendous war in France and has had to leave behind her two sisters.

It is an interesting different novel to what I normally read however it is a light read but at the same time it has elements of sadness, grief and loss.

Within this novel you are taken on an emotional journey of courage and determination. Very compelling indeed. Also, this has a beautiful cover I thought I should mention as it does indeed take you to another land.

4/5 Stars

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