Book Review: Just Date and See By Portia MacIntosh


Billie is looking forward to a quiet, man-free Christmas. It’s just a shame her family doesn’t feel the same way…

With a house full of unexpected (and unwanted) guests, Billie needs to find the perfect escape to get away from the chaos.

So when her dating app recommends a week of singles nights in her area, Billie decides that braving these events has to be better than making conversation with her dad’s new wife, dealing with her mum’s mid-life crisis or witnessing her sister flirting with her insufferably arrogant next-door neighbour.

While this is definitely not the festive season she had planned, between disco bowling and boozy bingo, little does Billie know that she may find love this year after all – she’ll just have to date and see…

Fall in love with the perfect laugh-out-loud festive read from top 10 bestseller Portia MacIntosh.


Love love love it!

The main character Billie is looking forward to a peaceful man-free Christmas. It begins with her mum staying with her, and ends with having a very long list of people to even her neighbour she barely knew or liked at the beginning all at the Christmas table by the end!

So of course to get away from this maddest she says she has so many plans. It just so happens that the dating app she is on, recommends a week of singles nights in her area. So she is very desperate to get away from everyone including her immature ex.

With all the drama going on and non-parent-traps, a neighbour having a thing with her sister, her divorced parents under the same roof alongside his new wife and both of them seeming to get on better than ever it is no wonder she takes a leap on the singles events.

Oh my god. The adventures they go on and some of the hilarious laugh-out-loud moments that occur on these events had me physically laughing and smiling. As well as guessing what is about to happen just by the title of some of the later on events where just hilarious!

It does not matter if it is currently not Christmas this novel will have you in the mood for a light hearted funny read.

This may not be the exact quiet lonesome Christmas Billie had planned from events such as the Disco bowling, Boozy Bingo, Eiffel Tower events but she most definitely has romance on the horizon whether she admits it to herself or not.

The only, and only element i disliked was Billie’s denial towards her feelings of Rocco. She kept saying she has no feelings and then inside her thoughts she shows she does have feelings. Just, why lie?

She put it out there they are buddies so of course he will follow her lead.

Overall, excellent writing style with loving characters full of personality.

Thank you to the publishers for sending me this novel in exchange for my honest review.

5/5 Stars

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