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Book Review: Make a TikTok Everyday By Dave Jorgenson


Life is short and so are TikToks, so what are you waiting for? Release your creativity with these 365 TikTok ideas.

Making a TikTok video that goes viral is all about having a quirky idea that can grab attention in as little as 15 seconds. Whether you’re a TikTok beginner or a practiced creator, the hardest part is often getting started. This unofficial book provides a year’s worth of ideas in the form of creative prompts to keep you posting new videos every day.

 Give the weather report using the app’s Green Screen effect.
 Use forced perspective and a coffee mug and make a splash as you dive in.
 Dance with your dog.
 Say nice things to a houseplant and see if it grows faster.
 Kick-start a new meme by creating a TikTok that people will want to duet with.

There are tips and advice from the most popular creators, including the queen of Alt TikTok, Melissa Ong, wholesome TikTok family The McFarlands, and fashion favorite Jeffery Dang, who provide insight into their experience on the app and how they got started as creators.


For someone starting out on TikTok as a content creator or just curious it is a great read full of inspirational ideas to try out.

However what would have made this novel even better is if it had an element of how you actually become successful as this novel is a pocket book of ideas to spark some imagination when you need some.

4/5 Stars

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