Book Review: Single All The Way By Portia MacIntosh


Will Dani find love this Christmas? Or will she be Single All The Way…?

When Dani’s boyfriend (and boss!) dumps her for a younger model, the only silver lining she can see is to be able to spend Christmas at home with her family after years away.

Determined to surprise them, Dani turns up unannounced in her hometown, excited to see that the festive season in Marram Bay is in full swing with Christmas lights twinkling on every corner. But disaster strikes when she finds her parents’ house is empty and they appear to have gone away on holiday!

Christmas alone and single is not ideal, and when Dani starts bumping into old friends, neighbours and potential love interests, she can’t face telling them the truth. So in a panic she claims to be home to throw a Christmas party for the whole town – easier said than done with 12 days to go before Christmas…

As the fake party approaches, little does Dani know that there may be someone there under the mistletoe for her, if she can just let her guard down and see them…

A laugh-out-loud festive romantic comedy from top 10 bestseller Portia MacIntosh, guaranteed to put a smile on your face this Christmas.


ALERT: RomCom lovers come right this way.

I wasn’t sure which copy of this novel it was as it wasn’t too clear to clicking to add it!

Turns out this story was originally a novella. So basically the same title and plot style just with different characters.

I found this novel to be very entertaining.

The main character Dani is not so lucky in work and in her personal relations. Falls in love with the player of the office. The games they play. Her ex Rex I just wanted to ask her Why? Why did you go out with him if you had to keep it a secret which didn’t even make 100% sense with how he acted.

Anyway, the plot of the whole Christmas party doesn’t happen until 30% in. Until then, there is banter between the main character and player of the office.

This novel is suitable for any time of the year. Christmas novels get me in the mood for autumn which is my most absolute favourite time of the year.

It’s weird, even when things aren’t gong too well for Dani you still have positive vibes going on in this novel. Dani remained hopeful.

I loved the Michael Buble references as well it was very fitting for this novel.

Hilarious, heart-warming romance that is full of cosy vibes.

Overall, definitely recommend this novel. I think this is the first novel by Portia I have read and it won’t be the last.

Thank you to the publishers for sending me this novel in exchange for my honest review.

5/5 Stars


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