Book Review: The Love Arrangement By Ruby Basu


Some deals are made to be broken…

Independent and free-spirted Annika has no plans to settle down anytime soon… if only her parents felt the same way. But when her father unexpectedly falls ill, she’ll do anything to make things better. Even if it means suddenly blurting out she has a boyfriend.

The only issue is, he doesn’t exist.

Then, by chance, she bumps into handsome entrepreneur Rav, and she can’t believe her luck. He’s single, sworn off relationships and looking for a date to attend work events with. He’s the perfect solution to her troubles. Or is he?

Because there’s just one slight catch – he also happens to be her childhood nemesis.

It was only ever supposed to be a simple, temporary arrangement. Nothing more. Certainly love was never part of the terms and conditions. But Annika’s about to discover that some deals are made to be broken…


If you love novels that involve: Fake dating, enemies to lovers, grumpy dating happy vibes, look no further.

This novel is going for a cute light funny read. With some ramblings at times as Annika is unsure of this arrangement at times (which can be annoying but understanding) we see the long winded story of where Annika actually falls for Rav, the guy that her parents always used to show off about to make the children work more. It only makes sense. But they don’t actually know Rav.

So when they randomly meet as adults one day at a hotel and then they get to talking and have a purpose to spend time together it is only natural things start to escalate between the two.

Annika’s parents love Rav and are so happy she has found someone like him. A little background to Annika’s job: she travels as a consultant all over the world based on the projects she takes on she could be gone for months at a time. Annika goes on and on about her freedom and so forth but really, it isn’t freedom when you have to rely on people to hold your extra things so how is that liberating?

The main character is a little naive and immature in this way as shes very stubborn to believe that only her way is the right way and that she doesn’t need to do everything the way her sister has. Annika is hurt that everyone is trying to force her to do things in a particular way that is why she is very adamant in her decision to travel and be away from London / and home as much as possible.

Anyway, both of them manage to trick their families and work colleagues that they are in a real relationship. However Rav on the other hand seems to think he can plan every single moment in terms of how he can manage to find a woman to start his family that does not yet exist as he doesn’t even have a woman.

These two opposites manage to find themselves in a real romance. Dispute this novel being a bit repetitive on different topics at times it was nice to have a romance read at last if you’re going through a slump. So thank you to the publishers for sending me this novel in exchange for my honest review.

4/5 Stars


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