Book Review: Being Lolita By Alisson Wood


NYU MFA candidate and Goldwater Fellow Alisson Wood’s BEING LOLITA, a memoir of the author’s two-year relationship with her high school English teacher who seduced her by teaching her Lolita, a story he had her believe was the greatest love story of our time, which she only later learned was anything but, and how revisiting Nabokov’s masterpiece allowed her to grapple with what it means to have been an unreliable narrator of her own life, exploring our shifting views of consent, male dominance, and self-perception, to Sarah Murphy at Flatiron Books.


I never realised this story was 100% real until the end oh my god.

See as you read this novel you try to get into the mind frame of a teenage girl because as you look back upon it you think how stupid can a girl be? How can she clearly not see that the man is controlling and abusive?

Perverts like Nick are difficult to find probably as you are vetting people to work with children but as a mother THIS COULD HAPPEN TO A BOY OR GIRL SO YOU CANNOT SAY OH THANK GOD YOU ARE A BOY ETC. AS I KNOW MEN THAT IT HAS HAPPENED TO FYI!❗️

Completely relatable in that teenage girls want attention – however some are modest and some aren’t and those people tend to never stop being teenagers (I’m the modest however I know too many women who constantly seek attention as they are so very jealous).

Throughout this novel and Ali’s adventures I was very understanding of imagining myself as her and understanding her thought process after all she had been through so much.

The writing was excellent in how it was conducted. I enjoyed the ending of how Ali reflected upon her younger self for every memory and how she managed to come where she is today.

5/5 Stars


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