Book Review: Hopeless By Colleen Hoover


Sky Davis is starting sixth form having always been home-schooled, and wants to keep a low profile. But then she runs into Dean Holder – messy brown hair, smouldering blue eyes, and a temper straight out of Fight Club, someone who Sky is determined to avoid.

There is something about Holder that sparks memories of Sky’s troubled past, those which she would rather stay buried. Little does she know that the mysterious Dean Holder is harbouring secrets of his own . . .

When the truth unravels, Sky must piece her life back together and learn to trust again. Only by facing the revelations together can the two of them begin to heal their emotional scars and find a way to live without boundaries


It is interesting to compare Colleen’s earlier works with the recent ones I have only came across. She did not disappoint.

I actually prefer the writing style in this novel compared to her other reads. Very American as usual but it didn’t give me a headache which means it wasn’t too sickenly written.

Sky I found to be quite annoying, she is our main character and to go without TV or technology is mind blowing when everyone of that age is interested to try it whereas she acts as if she doesn’t care less or sees a need for even a mobile phone, very unrealistic.

For someone that is aware that Holder has issues you’d think she wouldn’t tempt him by purposely ignoring questions. He asked her where she got her bracelet it’s a simple question that she ignored when she would know that by being ignorant like that of course he would be annoyed. And the fact that she knew what he was thinking was such a bitchy thing to do.

I like her loyalty towards Karen but she is a little naive. When you think about the things she was told, the character we were originally introduced to as Sky should really consider her memories and what she believes as her gut instinct instead of being so quick to dismiss everything she is being told.

“Sometimes the right thing to do isn’t always the best answer”

This novel did have some interesting quotes I will admit that.

It was an interesting read that was enjoyable even though I wanted to scream at the main character for a few reasons. Also, at least Holder was a bit more realistic I can imagine a very feminine man saying those things, it happens.

4/5 stars


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