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Book Review: The Holiday Bookshop By Lucy Dickens


One woman. One island. A bookshop in need of revival…

Jenny has never been a risk taker. But when her best friend takes off on an American road trip, Jenny finds herself saying yes to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of her own and accepts the role of a bookseller in the Maldives.

The island of Bounty Cove Cay is everything she’d hoped for: white sandy beaches, glistening turquoise waters and palm trees bursting with coconuts. But it’s not all plain sailing…

The resort bookshop is far from thriving and, in an unexpected twist, management are threatening closure.

Can Jenny throw her rulebook to the wind and turn things around before it’s too late? And might she find her own happy ending along the way?


Thanks to the publishers for this copy for my honest review.

When looking for a book seller in a resort you should be very specific in what you are looking for. I knew from the beginning Jen would not be very successful for the most part of this novel. She just doesn’t have that creative spark. She has the organisation, just barely any creativity.

The best friend Marianne is a selfish cow that is used to being the centre of attention from what I have gathered. She is the one with the men and travelling so when her co-partner applied for a job in the Maldives she is of course jealous and annoyed – EVEN THOUGH she has been telling her friend to get away for a while. Then, as Jen pointed out, Marianne is travelling the world with her latest boyfriends for a long time: 3 months. You learn a lot about a person you live with even for a few days. It’s your tolerability level – if you are constantly telling yourself it will get better or you barely know him and so forth – you are wasting your time it won’t work. So why spend 3 months travelling all over and talking about marriage with this dude? It is utterly pathetic. But she is creative so she has that going for her.

It’s difficult for most. You are either Marianne or Jen. But for some you can be both in the one person.

Jen should know herself by this stage in life however she wastes her time in order to get a free holiday as she is failing in what the company has hired her to do. Before she left England she had a row with her best friend so you can just easily guess where this is going.

If you are looking for a read to make you feel good whilst sitting out in the sun where it isn’t too much thought for a plot whilst you are relaxing this is for you. The entire read from start to finish suits a relaxing read. However if you want more depth you will average like this novel just like I did. I really did enjoy the holiday vibes from Jen’s side however Marianne was very annoying and jealous of Jen. Women and their bitchiness to copy I cannot tolerate anymore just do your own thing and stop copying!

I did however wish I was by the Maldives Beaches enjoying the atmosphere with a drink and book at hand!

Great read for holiday vibes by the beach or in a tropical island.

4/5 Stars

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