Book Review: One Last Day Of Summer By Shari Low


As a flight to St Lucia leaves the runway, four passengers meet for the first time.
After escaping her controlling husband, Bernadette Manson is taking the first extravagant holiday of her new life. But when her best friend cancels, will she be strong enough to fly solo?
Tadgh Donovan is about to jet off to his destination wedding when he sees a shocking text. Has his bride-to-be written her wedding vows… or already broken them?
Hayley Ford is the wife of a top fertility specialist yet her battle to get pregnant has almost broken her marriage. Can a trip to the sun heal their relationship or should she brace for a crash landing?
Dev Robbins is crossing oceans to track down the woman he fell in love with at first sight. Will it be a one way trip to happy ever after or a return journey to singledom?


Thank you very much to the publishers for sending me this in exchange for my honest review.

The plot basically lists what it is about so there isn’t much point explaining it. 4 strangers get randomly seated together. First one is Tadgh (a part of a band, graphics designer), Bernadette (50’s and newly widowed) she was supposed to go on this trip with her friend but then couldn’t. Hayley (Husband is a doctor, a controlling ass who wouldn’t sit next to her on the plane), and Dev who is a hopeless romantic chasing after a one night stand (yet he lives with his girl-next-door best friend, you can tell where that is going). They are all on a long flight to St. Lucia and it was enjoyable as every character was light hearted. And learned life lessons during this magical flight.

Overall, this novel had a great plot. Although a lot of it was quite repetitive and dragging as you had to basically wait a few chapters to get to the main person your interested in hearing about. But each person kept repeating their thoughts throughout which was a disappointment. I get the whole vibes of holidays and everything but it was still dragged out for a novel.

3/5 Stars


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