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Book Review: Note To Self By Anna Bell


It’s never too late to follow your heart.

One summer’s day seventeen years ago Edie and Joel meet.
Their connection is instant and a friendship is born, although Edie can’t help but wish for more. But just as she builds up the courage to lay her heart on the line, one night changes everything…

Edie’s moved on from the heartbreak of years ago. So the last thing she expects to receive on her thirty-fifth birthday is an email… from her eighteen-year-old self. As more emails arrive, she starts to remember what – or rather who – she left behind.

Following her own advice, Edie heads back to the place where it all began, and finds her path unexpectedly crossing with Joel’s once more. Could this finally be their chance at love? Or are some things better left in the past?


I felt like this novel is full of life lessons. As you get older, even so little as a year you do tend to reflect on your behaviour, actions and so forth and question some decisions.

Edie finds herself in her thirties with an on-paper “successful life”. One day, she receives an email from the 18 year old version of herself.

Imagine having that actually happen to you, it really is like a movie and to reflect upon every stage of a great summer you had right before things took a difficult turn. How would it make you feel? Especially in this day and age where we went through a few years of the most toughness in terms of mainly everyone’s mental health at hand. We tend to reflect on the past and on great memories or sad memories of people that are no longer alive and so forth. But to constantly replay those moments means you will never be happy. So instead you focus on how your life came to be as it is today and what it can become.

One quote I really enjoyed:

“Looking back on the past and what might have been will only ever lead to heartbreak”

Even though this is a fictional book, the main character in a way is questioning her life and philosophy very lightly which I did really like in this novel.

“You shouldn’t talk yourself out of doing something just because it seems scary”

It was interesting to go on this journey and life lesson with Edie although it did reach a point where I am taking forever to finish a novel so if the details where a bit less it would have been an ultimate favourite as it was written in a way where I really enjoyed the life lessons she learned from young-adult version her.

Thank you to the publishers for sending me this in exchange for my honest review.

4/5 Stars

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