Book Review: The Guard By Kiera Cass


Before America Singer met Prince Maxon . . .
Before she entered the Selection . . .
She was in love with a boy named Aspen Leger.

Don’t miss this digital original novella set in the captivating world of Kiera Cass’s #1 New York Times bestselling Selection trilogy. This brand new 64-page story begins just after the group of Selected girls is narrowed down to the Elite and is told from Aspen’s point of view. The Guard also features a teaser to The One, the thrilling conclusion to The Selection trilogy.


Review originally written in 2014. 

This is from the selection series (book 2.5)

I loved hearing from Aspen’s point of view. I don’t get why everyone is so against him. Him and America are each other’s first love and I appreciate the fact that they still love each other since they are each others first love. 

I just wished this novella was a bit longer.

4/5 stars


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