Book Review: Worst Idea Ever By Jane Fallon


Georgia and Lydia are so close, they’re practically sisters.

So when Lydia starts an online business that struggles, Georgia wants to help her – but Lydia’s not the kind to accept a handout. Setting up a fake Twitter account, Georgia hopes to give her friend some anonymous moral support by posing as a potential customer.

But then Lydia starts confiding in her new internet buddy and Georgia discovers she doesn’t know her quite as well as she thought. Georgia knows she should reveal the truth – especially when Lydia starts talking about her – but she just can’t help herself.

Until Lydia reveals a secret that could not only end their friendship, but also blow-up Georgia’s marriage . . .

Georgia’s in too deep.


To sum up this novel: DO NOT HAVE A JEALOUS COW OF A BEST FRIEND – Only genuine ones!

Lydia is properly obsessed with Georgia’s husband secretly. Ignorant sad cow. Georgia and Lydia both do design stuff however Georgia is more lucky in life as she has everything, the family, the perfect-ish husband and a lifestyle of happiness that she WORKED HARD to have and maintain. So when she sees her best friend Lydia is still not really taking off in life, no boyfriends, no children and a shitty job but still, at least She has a job, whilst working on her sideline business so at least she is motivated. Lydia has the perfect single life type of Instagram whilst being very two faced to her friend.

Georgia sees Lydia is having a hard time and she has to CONSTANTLY DOWN PLAY her success to Lydia so she doesn’t get jealous. If you’re successful you shouldn’t need to lower yourself just because your so called ‘friend’ has always been so jealous of you when all you have tried to do was help her. It’s not Georgia’s fault that naturally better things happen to her and not much happens with Lydia.

“They are that rare breed; friends that are genuinely happy when things go well for you”

Lydia is trying to create a mess of Georgia’s life because she’s a jealous cow. Georgia was trying to help Lydia and that is what she gives in return? DISGUSTING. What a horrible friend Lydia was. This is why I am not friends with women much, too jealous and I am NOT for down playing MY success, I’d rather be successful than a lazy bitch with unsatisfactory silly excuses that are transparent.

I LOVED how this was written though, so relatable although I am smart enough unlike Georgia to see through bitches.

When you show your success or lifestyle, that is when you can see a person’s true colours. Not many are actually genuine, but it’s good when people appear out of your life randomly to be genuine people.

4/5 Stars


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