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Book Review: One Way Ticket to Paris By Emma Robinson


When I was a kid and I’d lost something, my dad always said ‘Go back to the place you last had it’. The problem is that what I’ve lost is… me.

Kate loves her family more than anything, but recently she has started to feel invisible. Lying awake at three a.m. as her husband snores, panicking about shopping lists, birthday parties, and the school bake sale…

She finds herself in the kitchen, gulping water, staring at a postcard of the Eiffel Tower from Shannon, her best friend.

Paris, with its red wine, slippery cobbles and curly lampposts. Where the scent of freshly-baked croissants hangs in the air, and Kate last remembers feeling like herself.

The postcard is a year old. It has just one line on it: When are you coming?

An inspiring, feel-good tale of friendship, love, and what happens when running away is the only way you can find your way home. Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Jane Green and Marian Keyes.


Woman having a mid-life crisis of the same routine on repeat with a husband that doesn’t seem to understand she needs a break however she has not communicated this.

I listened to this audiobook last week and let me say this:

If you are going to have accents in a book why not do that particular person’s Thoughts in that accent as well?

There is 3 women’s situations mentioned in this and one of them is American. Every time she speaks out loud she is American however her thoughts are in an English accent which derails from this novel

These women never stop complaining and don’t seem to know how to open their big mouths! They have a lot of thoughts however they do not seem to understand you need to communicate.

The writing style is in a middle aged whiny voice for all of the characters.

At times I did find it funny and entertaining and it was realistic which I appreciate in a novel.

I don’t get why the main character  complains about not working when she’s the lazy b*tch that chose to have children so she didn’t need to get a job, well she uses that as an excuse and then she wonders why she complains so much. STOP BEING SO LAZY AND GET OFF YOUR BUTT. If you aren’t going to be a good mum then just shh. No excuse to not have any sort of job.

By the end there are happy ever afters in all of their mid-life situations. I do not want to give much away as it can be predictable from then onwards.

3/5 Stars

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