Book Review: Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon


A year ago, Bronte left Sydney for a wedding in England, where she met newly single Alex. After one amazing night together they parted ways.

Now working on the picture desk for a glossy magazine in London, Bronte is about to meet a new colleague – who turns out to be all too familiar. Alex is now engaged, but the memory of the spark they felt when they met hasn’t died. As Alex’s wedding day looms, it is clear that he and Bronte have unfinished business…


Review originally written in December 2018:

I found myself getting bored with this Paige Toon novel. I felt as if it did drag for the first two thirds of the novel. It felt a bit been there done that, it did not grasp my attention as much despite it’s lovely but bland plot. 

It is interesting though, how I can love one book of Toon’s and be completely bored by the next. For a writer her novels can be … a bit all the same. 

Bronte, the main character was very naïve and selfish, I did not enjoy that she lead characters on. There was no build up in this novel as one is supposed to have properly. 

Lachie, a character that flirts with everything that moves barely an inch. Trying to build chemistry that was clearly not there. 

Alex, well he is engaged to someone else, that says it all. 

Writers usually are more creative and inventive however a good chunk of Toon’s novels are the exact same recipes with a new icing flavour as a new novel; some are good, some are a hit and miss. The main character was too conflicted throughout the novel to make a decision. It gets boring after a short while. But for majority of the book? Not the best.  

2/5 stars


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