Book Review: Strictly Business By Ruth Cardello


I just found out I have an identical twin. Wasn’t looking for one. Would have preferred to not have one, but here we are. We have nothing in common. I was adopted by a successful businessman who raised me to see life as a game and gave me the skills to win it. Him? He is about to lose his family’s farm. You heard me—farm.

Lucky for him, I’m a firm believer that when it comes to family, no one goes to battle alone. I’m in. I’ve switched lives with him and will use every business trick I know to save his farm.

However, my initial plan did not take into account a drop-dead gorgeous oil rep or the secrets I uncover about my brother. And worst of all, I’m starting to like the farm and all its inhabitants. I can’t stop thinking about that oil rep. This will definitely take longer to resolve than anticipated.


The main character does indeed come across as an ass with how he behaves and treats animals as he did not seem to know much or care much about them.

Like others, I did not see what the entire logic is in this lustful meeting when Jesse switches places with Scott in order to get rid of the oil rep who actually used his niece to do it for him. She appears to be ‘hot’ but she acts like a nerd so you can see how the plot from a glance sounds interesting however I found there to be no logic, not much thought was written in this as you are just left kind of confused at their first encounters for them to feel that way towards each other. It is as if the author has presumed we should already know when in reality authors need to take the reader through each step in how they got so lustful towards each other. I mean, is that not the best part, the journey of how they even became attracted to each other? Yet this novel just skips out on it which is disappointing.

I did try to enjoy this, I just can’t lie about a poorly written piece of work.

Thank you to the publishers for this novel in exchange for my honest thoughts.

1/5 Stars


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