Book Review: Glitterati By Oliver K. Langmead


Simone is one of the Glitterati, the elite living lives of luxury and leisure. Slave to the ever-changing tides – and brutal judgements – of fashion, he is immaculate. To be anything else is to be unfashionable, and no one wants to be unfashionable, or even worse, ugly…

When Simone accidentally starts a new fashion with a nosebleed at a party, another Glitterati takes the credit. Soon their rivalry threatens to raze their opulent utopia to the ground, as no one knows how to be vicious like the beautiful ones.

Enter a world of the most fantastic costumes, grand palaces in the sky, the grandest parties known to mankind and the unbreakable rules of how to eat ice cream. A fabulous dystopian fable about fashion, family and the feckless billionaire class.


A very dystopian novel indeed.

I found it so hilarious at Simone’s reaction of what a child was and what to do with It LOL.

This novel is so far over the top and absurd. I found it to be interesting. Although it was a little long.

The world in this novel is run by the rich who are obsessed with fashion. They even remove memories of giving birth. It appears as if this novel is based on so much bitchy-ness on upstaging each other and taking each other’s idea and so on. It does come across as very immature for a world of adults. I felt as if it was going in circles of what to wear and what not to wear and who dared to wear whichever outfit. At times Simone was referred to as a she and then a he? Is this a grammar error?

I did enjoy the plot to an extent so I am being polite in my rating today.

3/5 stars


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