Book Review: The Manager By A. K. Wilson


In the City of London, the scent of money and power lingers in the corridors of the shiny office buildings and clings to the suits of the men who work in them. Chasing that scent is the only thing that matters.

But not to Katy Daly. She has spent her life working in the City, but wealth and power are things granted to other people. Her childhood was shattered by the pursuit of them, and since then she’s coasted along on a course of risk-avoidance and underachieving.

Then Katy starts working for Riley Daniels, the beautiful and charismatic CEO of Byrsa, one of the most successful yet secretive tech companies in the world. Katy can’t help but be fascinated by this clever, fiercely ambitious woman making it in a man’s world. Riley has a way of making her wonder if there could be more to life than letting other people shape your destiny.

But power comes at a cost. As Katy is drawn deeper into Riley’s intoxicating world, she is forced to confront who she is, who she has become, and how far she will go to protect Riley’s secrets – and her own.


The main character Katy originally works in London City as a PA to Giles. Giles decides to move on and has no use for her so she needs to look for another job. During her thought process you can see she doesn’t have much confidence in herself as she only wants the kind of role where she can just blend into the background and not actually use her initiative and enjoys to blame the fact that men are holding back her opportunities when in fact it is her mindset. It isn’t until she meets with Riley CEO of Byrsa she becomes mesmerised by the fact that she has her own company, and how she goes on and so forth. It later becomes an obsession where she is falling for her.

I thought this novel was going to explain the differences between falling in love with someone and admiring a person for being good at getting what they want.

This novel didn’t really grip me as it was not that clear. I dislike novels that just obsess over a person instead of showing there is more to it.

Thank you for the book in exchange for an honest review.

2/5 Stars


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