Book Review: Out Of Her Depth By Lizzy Barber


There are summers that could change your life.
There are summers that could end it.

Meet Rachel.
An unassuming young woman from a quiet London suburb.

Picture the scene:
A summer job at the beautiful Villa Medici in the Tuscan hills.
A group of glamorous teenagers, used to a life of privilege.
Lavish parties, heady sun-soaked days, backstabbing and bedhopping.

Until someone goes too far.
And nothing will ever be the same.


I really enjoyed the story. The main character Rachel can be annoying sometimes (older Rachel) as she looks back on time. There is chapters on the ‘Then’ and ‘Before’. I preferred to hear about the current story about the past so it would make more sense that the novel would focus more on the past instead of a split even amount.

Older Rachel obsesses over a thing that happened in the past. Younger Rachel is obsessed with getting this guy Sebastian to like her even though he is clearly not into her that way (no spoiler as it is very obvious). It doesn’t seem that she has grown up at all in this way which I found annoying. I don’t know why it is being compared to We were Liars as it isn’t a group of friends that knew each other previously – it is just a few kids who happen to meet when Rachel is on holidays.

A summer read with an interesting plot. Wasn’t too mysterious for me to keep reading at a grips pace though.

Thank you to the publishers for sending me this in exchange for a fair review.

3/5 Stars


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