Book Review: Billy Summers By Stephen King


Billy Summers is a killer for hire. He’s among the best snipers in the world, a decorated Iraq war vet who can blend into any neighbourhood and disappear after the shot is taken. But he’ll only agree to a contract if the target is a truly bad guy.

Now Billy wants out. But first he’s offered one final job – an offer which is just too big to refuse.

As the days count down to the hit, Billy senses something is wrong. He doesn’t yet know just how wrong, or about the woman who will help him try to set things right.

Part thriller, part war story, part lyrical portrait of small-town America, Billy Summers is about a good man in a bad job, with one last shot at redemption.


I have not read much of King’s novels however that is about to change! This novel was just amazing, both in plot and in how it was written. I know he is known for his horror genre novels however this novel did not seem quite as daunting.

King managed to depict people, places, politics and relationships. He can somehow manage to write in a way that shows the different types of twisted people yet can find qualities that you can relate to despite their traditionally immoral ways.

One quality I really enjoyed within this particular novel was the main character, when he was playing his first alias as Dave Lockridge as a ‘writer’ he begins writing his own story within the novel and it shows the inspiration you can take and put to paper which I was inspired by throughout this novel. I feel like I want to write more stories now in that way (obviously not in the topics mentioned in the novel).

The plot itself, involved a contract killer named Billy who is on his last mission for 2.5 million. He finds it suspicious and he is not far wrong as the story unfolds and other characters become apart of the plot and as part of Billy’s new life on the run. During all these alias’s, Billy comes across some very kind people that shows he has developed friendships of some sorts with them including their children which I really enjoyed the human aspect as he always calls himself a ‘bad guy’.

I really enjoyed the simple things of hearing about his day and what he is watching.

Overall, I really enjoyed this read, cannot fault it at all. I kept wanting to find out what happens next and it does not involve horror. I can see why Stephen King is a number 1 best seller and most mentioned.

5/5 Stars


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