Book Review: One Last Letter From Greece By Emma Cowell


Devastated by her mother’s death, Sophie longs to get away from an empty house full of memories and a life that hasn’t quite turned out as she had imagined.

So when a chance discovery among her mother’s belongings hints at a past Sophie knows nothing of, she jumps at the opportunity for escape and a chance to heal. The magical, idyllic Greek town of Methoni awaits…

But Sophie – determined to uncover her mother’s secrets – is about to discover so much more. Among the tranquil waters and cosy tavernas, Methoni’s locals offer Sophie the answers she craves, along with unexpected romance and, if she’ll take it, a chance at her own happiness…


I knew straight away within the first chapter this was going to be a great read. These are the type of novels I love.

This novel revolves around Sophie who has lost her mum which I cannot possibly imagine. What better way to help ease the situation than a sunny country and feeling closer to your mum? Her mum loved Greece so much so that she travels there each summer for work. Sophie feels that her mum tried to separate her and her love of Greece. Maybe not, she just wants a break to have that part of her that makes her herself without the child part. That much I do understand.

Sophie is in search of a missing painting her mum had. There’s 5 paintings as a set that have been mysterious since their existence and now Sophie is on a quest to find them. Perhaps finding them means she will be closer to her mum.

I enjoyed hearing about Soph and Tasha’s friendship over the years.

As Sophie is in Greece she comes across some interesting people and I find it to be a fun adventure exploring with her as she begins to suss out people on her adventure to find her mum’s paintings and those that are not as nice. It’s a funny thing how our instincts keeps us in check. Towards the end of the novel it becomes predictable.

I love the front cover! If you are making a list of summer reads, this should be included. This novel is written in a way where it is as if you are sipping coffee with your friends over a catch-up. Instantly likeable and heart-warming this novel takes you on a sunny adventure.

Thanks to the Publishers for sending myself this novel in exchange for an honest review.

4/5 Stars


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