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Book Review: Duckling By Eve Ainsworth


Duckling’s a nickname Lucy has never been able to shake off.
And, if she’s honest, maybe it suits her.
She just isn’t the type to socialise with other people.
You might say she’s reluctant to leave her nest.

Lucy’s life is small, but safe. She’s got a good routine. But all that’s about to change…

When Lucy’s neighbour asks her to look after her little girl for a couple of hours – and then doesn’t come back – Lucy is suddenly responsible for someone other than herself.

It takes courage to let the outside world in, and Lucy’s about to learn there’s much more to life – but only if she’s brave enough to spread her wings…


This tells the story of a 30 year old woman, Lucy. She is a very quiet and sheltered woman as she is happiest when she is in her simple and minimal home along with her cat named Boris (yes, like the prime minister) and loves her routine.

Lucy has a difficult relationship with her father and does not seem to see the need for socialisation as she’s never really had much of it. This all changes when her new neighbour Cassie asks Lucy to babysit her daughter last minute and from the moment she is left alone with the 7 year old she is so beyond stressed out. What originally was supposed to be a couple hours turns out to be a very long journey. I found Cassie to be rude, doing this to her when she must obviously see that Lucy has some issues and therefore she should not take advantage of her.

I enjoyed that this novel tackles being an introvert and the difficulties in social situations as Lucy finds herself looking after Rubi and uses her love of detective shows to solve how to find Cassie. Lucy grows as a person in this novel and we can also see how Rubi is a very smart child. Lucy learns a little late on the things she should have done if only her and her dad had communicated in the earlier years and everyone around Lucy comes to her rescue to help with the situation.

The main character does not seem to realise how many people care about her when she has called herself alone all these years.

This is a heart-warming and uplifting story of an introvert learning to go from a Duckling to learning how to fly.

Thank you to the publishers for this in exchange for an honest review.

4/5 Stars

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