Book Review: The Memory Of Her By Bianca Schwarz


Eliza Broad has overcome trauma and loss to become the confident woman and spy she is today, much in thanks to the care and attention of Sir Henry March, spy to the Crown. Fellow spy and good friend to Sir Henry, Allen Strathem has loved Eliza from the moment he first set eyes on her. But out of respect, he never told her and left England for a mission on the Crimea with his secret buried deeply. But the memory of Eliza kept him sane during the relentless horrors of his captivity.

When he returns, Eliza is tasked with helping Allen recover, and she dedicates herself to restoring the sparkle in his eyes and banishing the specters of his Russian captivity.

As Allen recuperates, and they realize danger has followed him back to England, Eliza is elated that Allen not only accepts her help, but respects her skill. Together they set a trap and defeat the man who tortured Allen, only to discover something far more dangerous afoot. With danger and intrigue around every corner, Eliza and Allen rely on and trust each other, and soon their once-buried love for each other becomes a driving force. The dangerous adventure they both share and thrive on binds them together, but will that be enough to protect them from those who wish to see them dead?


We are first introduced to Allen. He appears to be held captive and his career is as a spy. I haven’t read the previous books in what’s obviously seen as a series whether you know this or not, you can kind of tell from the writing style at first glance.

I wasn’t too keen on the gruesome torture the poor guy had to go through. I’m not sure what he did to be captured like this. It’s difficult to follow the plot or the main intention for this novel before it begins to settle and we can see she is on a mission to help Allen who has always loved Eliza.

I would recommend starting with the first novel in this series as most of their interactions are based on previous books to expand on it.

At times the novel is gripping and makes me want to find out what happens next so it did capture my attention and it was intriguing. It’s difficult to say much without giving away the entire plot and spoiling it. Definitely read the first book and read these in order to understand it better. Gripping thriller.

I received this in exchange for an honest review.

3/5 Stars


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